Server Rules:


‣ Respect our staff members at all times
‣ No griefing other player's objects or vehicles
‣ Toxicity/Racism will NOT be tolerated in Global Chat or Discord.
‣ Do not use "Survivor" as your in-game name.
‣ Do NOT impersonate any staff members or players.
‣ Do NOT advertise servers or encourage other players to switch servers.
‣ [ADMIN] identifiers are for STAFF only.

Group Rules

‣ Max 1 base per Group
‣ Max group size is 6 Players
‣ No Alliances

Building Rules:


‣ You can build anywhere outside of the red circles. No overlooking militaries or Airfield.
‣ Death Drops, Draw Bridges & Parcore are allowed.
‣ No building with 300m to a spawn
‣ No building with 500m to a Safezone.
‣ MaximumBase size 4x4x4*).
‣ Maximum Door limit on Bases is 15.
‣ No floating bases. Bases are to have NO more than 1 unsupported overhang from original structure.
‣ If you build in a DayZ Structure then you can take over the entire building and build up by 2 ontop.
‣ If you build within a DayZ House then you are allowed to build either 2 up on the roof or a 2x3 around the outside to accomidate Vehicles/Helicopters.
‣ Bases are to have atleast 1 raidable entrance on the ground floor.
‣ If a window is used for a secondary Entrance/Exit to a base then this will be included into the 15 Door Limit, Maximum allowed Code-locked windows is 2.
‣ You can only have a window as a secondary Entrance/Exit if you still have 1 other Raidable entrance that leads to the loot room as windows ARE NOT raidable
‣ No part of any building structure should block any road.
‣ No door stacking. Doors must be a fair distance apart. (3 Door MAX per 1x1 box)
‣ Groups/Clans may own a MAXIMUM of 1 base.

Raiding Rules


‣ Raid- 24/7
‣ Dismanteling any base but your own is NOT allowed
‣ No Metagaming/Powergaming - No Alts - No Combat Logging (5 min cooldown when engaging in combat)
‣ No Moonwalking, Meatballing, or Glitching to gain advantage over players
‣ Raiding can only be done with Breaching Charges (Doors, Hatches and Gates)
‣ Tents may only be raided with a Raid_Hacksaw -Tents cannot be damaged
‣ No taking over bases. This includes Raided bases, If you do find an abandoned base make a ticket
‣ Base Camping is a allowed but May only last 1 hour after Arriving (this does not Apply when you are Raiding)
‣ No logging out in another player's base
‣ No Spawn camping. Fresh Spawns CAN engage, and if so then you ARE allowed to retaliate
‣ Do NOT block entrances of bases during a raid with objects or vehicles
‣ No ROAD BLOCKS of any form or at any time. No exceptions
‣ Player boosting IS allowed. (3 players MAX)
‣ No glitch raiding, Anyone seen to be glitch raiding will receive a 24H ban on First offence. Permanent after that.
‣ Storage CAN be raided and taken.
‣ Code-locks attached to Doors/Gates/Hatches can be raided With C4
‣ Storage can be raided with a Raid-Hacksaw or a Raid-Screwdriver
‣ When raiding, you are NOT allowed to drop items to purposely destroy them.
‣ You ARE allowed to drop items if taking storage.

Required raidtools per Tier:

Tier1: Homemade=1 Heavy=1
Tier2: Homemade=2 Heavy=1
Tier3: Homemade=6 Heavy=3